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Being proud of your community is a Georgian institution, and caring for the environment is how we at "Win Georgia" express our pride and love for our home.

About Us

Georgia is blessed with such bounty: colonial architecture, American history, billowy trees, delectable cuisine, and Southern hospitality, to name a few. It draws tourists and travelers from all over the globe who come to enjoy and experience the American South. It is the birthplace of the American nation's beloved heroes like Martin Luther King Jr., and the Coca Cola factory is pretty amazing too! Georgian heritage is rich with history and culture, and the best way to appreciate it, and allow others to do the same, is by taking steps to preserve the local environment.

In association with Sellway, and cash for cars San Diego Win Georgia contributes to local environmental preservation through initiatives like picking up trash from roadsides and public areas, as well as introducing green technology when and where possible. SellWay supports the latter initiative with their company services, including the removal of vehicles and disposal of old vehicles that are proven to pollute or cause a hazard to the environment. By working hand in hand, the streets of Georgia are beautified, the community gets involved, and everybody benefits from this service by being able to appreciate the neighborhood in all it's former glory.

Win Georgia encourages the support of the community to better fulfill our goals, and we continue advocating for green solutions. For instance, local grocery stores and convenience stores have jumped on the green initiative, using paper instead of plastic, and selling reusable bags for shopping. Solar energy is being encouraged across the globe, and solar panels, even just a couple, are relatively cheap and can deduct from your utility bills and conserve precious resources. Solar energy and wind turbines are two projects that are proving green, effective, and sustainable, and have been improved upon by the U.S. government over the past ten years of research and development.

When and where possible, Win Georgia wants to use green technologies to support global environmental preservation efforts by applying them locally in a grass-roots approach. By talking to neighbors, educating them, and volunteering, Win Georgia is looking to help the environment and our communities. Picking up trash in the sun is a labor of love, and with the cooperation of SellWay, Win Georgia is proud to help our beloved Georgia stay clean and green.

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